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Link your calendar to your account πŸ“†
Link your calendar to your account πŸ“†
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The calendar integration is used to check your availability and to add new events when someone schedules a booking.

Your listings page will display available booking times to your clients based on events already in the calendar you've integrated with 1-on-1. To prevent you from being double-booked, we will block out any time where we find an existing busy event on your calendar.

To sync your calendar -

From your account dashboard, go to settings and click on the "link google" option, and sign in to your preferred Google account to link it to your bookings page.

Note: This is a two-way sync. That means all events scheduled in 1-on-1 will appear in your Google Calendar and all events scheduled in your Google Calendar will appear in your 1-on-1 Calendar.

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